Ladies, do you need to give your legs a break? Want to focus on your upper body and abs? Great, because this one workout will tone the triceps, beat up the biceps, sculpt the shoulders and awesome-ize the abs. Ok, lets get started!

For best results perform this workout at least 1 time a week, in addition to 2-3 times a week of total body strength workouts.

Equipment needed: mat, dumbbells, chair (or bench) and a stability ball

Dumbbell recommendations:beginner: 3lb – 10lbintermediate: 5lb – 12lbadvanced: 8lb – 15lb

Warm-up: Plank ups

Begin in plank position on forearms and toes, lower body still. Place left hand under your shoulder and extend the arm and repeat with right arm. Plank back down to start position (forearms), leading …» Continue Reading: Arms & Ab Workout for Women


Yeah, I know it’s “roc” rather than “shock”, but the latter suits the purposes of this post much better – and makes me look like one smart geezer too, I hope…Anyway, recently I received a comment on an article I wrote on building biceps in which the commenter mentioned “static contraction training”.

I had an incline about what it might be – well, the clue is in the name – but I looked it up anyway.

This led me to an e-book written by a man named Pete Sisco. Although I’ve not gone through the entire book yet – I will, once I’ve got the time – I do understand the gist of it, and, it’s very, very good stuff.In a nutshell, the premise is, …» Continue Reading: Shock Ya Body MIC Check 1,2

Performing special forearm exercises will increase the size and strength of your forearm as well as your wrist, and improve your grip strength immensely.Having a strong grip is important in everyday life, but is even more important in sporting activities. I know of barely any sports in which having a good strong grip and strong forearms and wrists wouldn’t be beneficial – not only in performance, but also in staying injury free.

When lifting weights, particularly for a beginner, direct forearm work may not always be necessary, as heavier weights are slowly and steadily being used, the forearm is forced to adapt its grip and so the forearms grow anyway.However, there may come a time when your grip is letting you down, and if you …» Continue Reading: Forearm Exercises To Increase Forearm Size And Grip StrengthPerforming

If you’ve ever tried doing push ups every day, you may find you improve to a certain point, and then your progress stops to an absolute crawl, and no matter how hard you try you simply can’t increase the numbers.Here are some pointers which will help you to increase the numbers of press ups:

Eat plenty of carbs: what you are doing is exercise, and that requires fuel – and that fuel is carbs. Eating a good meal of complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, pasta or potato a few hours before a workout is a great way to ensure your muscles are full of glycogen (energy).

Don’t do push ups every day: by doing them daily you will improve up to a point, but …» Continue Reading: How To Do More Push Ups


One of the most difficult tasks that beginners must endure during their muscle building activities is how to maintain their enthusiasm for performing repetitive muscle building routines.

The mere thought of taking the initial step is already difficult, and gets even more difficult the moref we think of doing it.The first day of weight training can really be the difference about whether to continue or not. Therefore, here are some engaging tips that will help you persevere with your muscle building routines for beginners.

You can always ask your gym instructor to stop if your body is already tired or you cannot go on anymore, especially on the first day of gym training.  There is no need for you to finish all the muscle building routines during your first day of weight …» Continue Reading: Muscle Building For Beginners


Although most people can deal with everyday levels of stress, handling extreme psychological stress is something totally different. Some people are able to cope; and that's just part of their nature, but unfortunately the rest of us have to learn it. Even though some people, athletes and bodybuilders in particular, try to learn how to handle it, its quite common that they don't manage it very well. But, you can and thats why you are here reading this article! Some of the techniques you can learn are not quick fixes, and require time, dedication and patience however. The most important thing is to realise that stress actually feeds upon itself, so reducing your reaction to stress is important – especially if you are in a competitive environment. The only way …» Continue Reading: How to Overcome Psychological Stress


We have all heard of nutritional “super” foods. These foods can build your immune system, help prevent disease, improve your skin, and help to improve your memory as well. What most people do not know however is that these foods also have the ability to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Not only can these foods help you to reach your goals, they can help you maintain them as well. The first food on our list would be black beans. I was pretty surprise by this one but I read about it in Old School New Body by Steve Holman – I recommend you give it a read,  Black beans are full of protein, and only one cup can contain 15 g. This …» Continue Reading: Increase Your Weight Loss By Eating “Super” Foods

You know its not just upper body and arm strength that we care about here at Ultimate Arm Power – we believe in a holistic approach to fitness training so I want to speak briefly about lower body fitness today and, in particular about a program called The Lower Body Makeover program.

While losing weight is something which many men (and of course women) want to do,  they often discover that they have the most difficult time when it comes to their legs, butt, hips and thighs. If this applies to you then don’t think, for a moment that you are alone because there are many women who wind up having problems when it comes to toning up their lower bodies. In fact, many women end up …» Continue Reading: A Lower Body Makeover Program Can Help You Obtain The Lower Body You Want